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Cassie vs Valencia


  1. biggermanhere says:

    Cassie. Too much jiggle! Valencia sounds like Ebony Ayes, which I admire. She’s clearly more experienced. Yet and still. Wiggle over giggle all day. #1 criteria in the TSbattle contesTS I feel.

  2. ONLYtheColorWhite says:

    Um… I’m gonna choose Valencia Hall.

  3. badcock78 says:

    Cassie all day I could worship an fuck both properly but Cassie ass is prettier an I got to smash the

  4. 808TrannyChaser says:

    Both are sexy but Cassie could get my baby batter any day

  5. BaddieBCTSPlug2 says:

    Cassie got this 

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July 26, 2018
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